160 Meter Sound Bites

Recordings made at K7TJR station while chasing DX


     Over the last few winter DX seasons on 160 meters I have built and used numerous rather large receiving arrays. (03/31/2009 today)

The following files are a few of the DX stations copied with what I call "The Big Iron". Most files are made in stereo with an 8 element High impedance receiving array in the left channel and a 1000 foot Beverage antenna for the right channel.

    The end of this season occurred today when the farmer called and said he needed to spray the fields where the antennas. Tomorrow they will be gone for the season. In the last few days I heard quite a few comments about the signal from VK9LA.

     The following file is a beautiful demonstration to the worth of a really good receiving antenna on 160 meters. When listening to this file, you will hear me switch from my best 8 element array to my 90 foot top loaded transmitting vertical antenna. You cant miss the switch and subsequent more switches back and forth.


     The following are actual files made during or right after DX contacts with the exception of HS0ZEE and XU7ACY which I am still chasing!

AH2L             BU2AQ            CT1FJK           DF2PY            DJ0MDR           F5IN

FO/OH1RX   FW8DX           GM3YTS          HA3MY            HS0ZEE           IV3PRK

J3/DL5AXX  JD1BMH         JW5NM            JW8AW           KH2L                LA5HE

LA6YEA        OA4/N6XQ      OH2BO           OJ0B                OM2XW          OM3PC

PA0CLN       RA4LW            RW0CN          S59A                SM0MDG        SM5EDX

SM7BIC        SP3BQ            T27A               UA0SC             UA9YAB          V63KZ

VK9GMW     VK9LA             VP6DX          VY1JA               XU7ACY          ZL2SQ


And the infamous ZL digi signal.